I used to be basketxcase

Idk what more to write here have a nice day you lovely ppl

This is a band blog dedicated basically to Green Day and All Time Low, although I usually post other bands stuff

Currently obsessed with Sum 41

Blink-182 is also pretty cool just saying

Hello my name is Andrea I'm 14 and i'm a loser idk

I usually cry because Billie Joe's face

I want to hug Deryck Whibley

And idk what more to write here either bye

I am gonna to listen to some music and try to sleep.
Thank you so much for all the support, I didn’t mean to worry anyone, sorry.
Lots of love (:



bmth - sempiternal + snaps (1 of 2)

BMTH blog



Reblog if you would date a bisexual person

Like if you wouldn’t because there is “too much competition”

Trying to prove a point to an asshole



THE WORLD TOUR Announcement

I’m cryingggg

i just want you to know that your very important to many people and are very loved. like i dont know you in anyway, shape, or form and i saw your post and was too scared to say this but i saw someone said something so yeah. but i know the feeling of wanting to quit because i feel that way a lot and just know you are so important to someone and many people in this world. i'm bad with words omg

Thank you, this support means the world (: thank you for sending this message, i hope i can get through all this bullshit. Thanks again

Stay strong! You are GOLDEN! Always stay you and never forget how much you mean to everyone around you! lots of love <3

I wish i could, thank you. This means a lot i love you.
The only reason i keep alive is my family.
Thanks again (:

Please don't start cutting again my lovely, you're better than that I know it!

I am not better than it. I am not.
But thank you ily. *hugs them*

Hey, just keep trying. We care about u, and love u. Just listen to a happy playlist, thats what i do. Maybe try it out?

Ily thanks it means a lot, at least i have stopped crying and now I’m worrying everyone and… I’m so sorry for this
Thanks for the advice, i will try it (:

I think you put yourself down way too much, you can only be happy if you believe in yourself. We may not know each other but I believe in you... Based on your blog alone I think your so awesome! Would love a friend like you. Everybody has their demons to fight but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, so grab at it! And hey, give yourself credit for surviving in this horrible world, that's important.

Thank you ily! You are really kind, thanks for ur advice. I just cannot trust myself.
I don’t know what i will do without the support i get here, I’d probably be already dead.
You keep me alive guys.

Thank you so much *hugs them* I didn’t mean to worry anyone, but I having a really bad time and now I have nobody.
Anyway, you both are really kind i love you; don’t worry for me (:

Hey I just wanted to let you know that you're beautiful and I love you

Thank you so much… but nobody really does. I’m having such a bad time and I swear this means the world to me, I love you too.